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VBA programming

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  • Umelá inteligencia – základy
    Cieľom kurzu umelá inteligencia – základy je všeobecné oboznámenie sa so základnými pojmami a prístupmi umelej inteligencie.
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  • MS Access – Macros and basics of programming in VBA
    The relational database environment, and especially the ability to customize them to our imagination, often leads to the next step, namely to create tools and small applications directly to simplify your own work. For those who are led down a similar path, a set of training Visual Basic for Application, in this case, for MS Access application is intended.
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  • Excel VBA 1 - macros and introduction to VBA
    Excel macro training and an introduction to VBA is intended for those who already have more advanced experience with Excel and want to learn how to create and debug macros - program.
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  • Excel VBA 2 - VBA programming
    The Excel Programming Course in VBA is a free continuation of the Excel Introduction to VBA training. It is intended for everyone who wants to improve their programming in Excel.
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  • Excel VBA 3 - VBA programming for advanced
    The Excel VBA programming course is a free continuation of the training: Excel macros, VBA programming
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Excel VBA 2 - VBA programming
18.10.2021 - monday Bratislava
Umelá inteligencia – základy
03.11.2021 - wednesday Bratislava

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.NET programming, C ++

For those who want to learn how to program or improve their programming, we have prepared some interesting courses with which you can start or move your career as a programmer.

We choose from the menu for you:

Introduction to programming - The Introduction to Programming course is for anyone who wants to learn how to program in any programming language.

. NET Framework - basics of programming - basics of programming is intended for beginning programmers, or for programmers who want to start programming on the .NET platform Framework (VB.NET or C #).

Visual C / C ++ object-oriented programming - Visual C / C ++ object-oriented programming training is focused on mastering specific properties of C ++, the basics of object-oriented programming .

Programming in Windows API - The Windows API is a set of libraries, procedures, functions, interfaces, and constants for applications to interact with the operating system. Such API access is practically the most efficient (and therefore the fastest) way to work with windows, files, registry, graphics, printers, as well as the Internet, audio, and video.

You will find training curricula for each individual course.

The advantage of database training in Macrosoft s.r.o. there are usually smaller groups of trainees. Experienced lecturers are a guarantee of thorough adoption of the curriculum with emphasis on the needs of clients. Of course, there is also room during the training for questions that interest clients in practice.

Other benefits that our clients appreciate include comfortable, bright and spacious training rooms, as well as refreshments during breaks. Upon completion of the course, which takes place in a relaxed atmosphere, each participant will receive a Macrosoft training graduate certificate. Macrosoft certifications are widely accepted by employers, including large organizations and companies.



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