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  • Adobe Photoshop - Basics
    Graduates of the Adobe Photoshop - Basics course provide basic and advanced knowledge in the field of basic user control of the program. It deals in more detail with editing and using filters for effect image editing, retouching.
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  • Adobe Photoshop - Advanced
    The Adobe Photoshop - Advanced course is intended for anyone who masters the basics and wants to deepen their knowledge and learn advanced Adobe Photoshop techniques. The main emphasis is placed on understanding the principles of individual advanced adjustments and practical exercises.
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  • Adobe InDesign - Basics
    Participants in the Adobe InDesign - Basics course will be introduced to Adobe InDesign software, which is designed to process materials for print and the web.
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  • Adobe Illustrator
    Participants in the Adobe Illustrator course will be introduced to Adobe Illustrator software, which is used to work with vector graphics.
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  • Adobe InDesign - Advanced
    The Adobe InDesign - Advanced course is intended for professional use of a computer typesetting application.
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  • Audio and video editing and processing in Adobe Premiere Pro
    The digital video editing course is intended for all those who want to learn how to create their own video from camera footage, whether at home, on vacation, at events or from corporate events.
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  • Audio editing in Cubase
    The course is intended for everyone who wants to learn the basics of working with Cubase, editing music for songs or commercials.
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  • Adobe Premiere Advanced
    The aim of the course is to explain the various features of Adobe Premiere and use it at a higher level, thus improving the quality of video processing.
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  • Adobe After Effects
    The Adobe After Effects course is designed for anyone who wants to learn how to work with After Effects software, its sophisticated tools for creating visual effects, and motion graphics.
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    Graduates of the ADOBE AUDITION course will be able to work with sound for further use, for example in Adobe After Effects, Sony Vegas and Sony DVD Architect. Understand digitization - converting sound into digital form and adjusting the soundtrack to the desired result.
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  • Computer graphicsFree via KOMPAS+!
    The computer graphics course is intended for all those who want to learn to work in the graphical environment A. Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator and then apply as a computer graphic designer in the commercial field. Only the beginning of the course is listed in the term, we will inform you about other dates.
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Upcoming courses - guaranteed dates:

Adobe Photoshop - Basics
27.09.2021 - monday Bratislava
Adobe InDesign - Basics
29.09.2021 - wednesday Bratislava
Adobe Illustrator
04.10.2021 - monday Bratislava

Other listed dates in the following weeks:

Adobe Photoshop - Advanced
07.10.2021 - thursday Bratislava
Audio editing in Cubase
14.10.2021 - thursday Bratislava
Adobe After Effects
18.10.2021 - monday Bratislava
Adobe Premiere Advanced
22.10.2021 - friday Bratislava
Computer graphics
25.10.2021 - monday Bratislava
Adobe InDesign - Advanced
25.10.2021 - monday Bratislava
Adobe Photoshop - Basics
25.10.2021 - monday Bratislava
Adobe InDesign - Basics
27.10.2021 - wednesday Bratislava
Adobe Illustrator
02.11.2021 - tuesday Bratislava
15.11.2021 - monday Bratislava

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