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    Courses, training, and business education focused on using Microsoft Access

    The Access course can take place in MS Office 2010, 2013 or even 2016

    We'll be happy to prepare a closed training session for you:

    • syllabus of the Access course tailor-made
    • training in case we will organize at your place of interest
    • we will adjust the term of the course to your requirements
    • use significant volume Discounts for training, Access and Office courses

    Testing: We can test your employees in advance and recommend a suitable course level

    Access - database program is a popular program for creating a database, users can easily and at the same time very comfortably create a database according to custom requirements. The program has a very wide range of options. The user can define database fields in it without knowledge of programming, in which he then simply filters and analyzes data according to his own needs or the needs of the employer.

    Macrosoft IT Training Center - PC School has prepared curricula for MS Access courses and trainings are conducted so that mastering the program Microsoft Access is from the ground up , intermediate and advanced clearly presented to participants who together with the lecturer, they also practice illustratively prepared examples on the Access course. For users who do not need to learn programming but need to evaluate database data, the Access database data processing course is suitable. For beginning programmers, we recommend the course Relational database model - a proposal that explains step by step how to program. A separate part is the MS Access Course for Programmers, which is divided into several levels, namely the course Access programming Curriculum MS Access training are listed for each course separately, where the course dates are also given.

    In case of interest, the Macrosoft - School PC team will prepare a tailor-made IT IT course, taking into account all customer requirements. If the participants are interested, they will test the participants in advance, recommend them to the appropriate level and place them on a course according to the previous convention. Refreshments, study materials, stationery are prepared for the participants of the training and after completing the training they will receive a Certificate!

    Feel free to contact us on tel. no .: 02/55 410 308 , 0948 88 40 88, 0948 88 41 88 or by e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    The Macrosoft team looks forward to working with you.


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